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Guidebook Doing Business and Investment in Thailand 2020

Our Services

Our Objectives are to provide an international standard of legal services in a friendly and modern atmosphere.


Our International litigations network associate and our strong professional litigator lawyer team readiness in represent clients.

Corporate and Commercial

Establishing a company limited in Thailand requires registration with the Department of Business Development (DBD).


A couple must go to the local registration office called Amphur (outside Bangkok) or Khet (in Bangkok).

Intellectual Property

“Patent” means a document issued to grant protection for an invention or a design under the provisions.

Audit and Tax

Accounting-Tax consultancy and basic accounting document storage a general certified accounting standard.

Our Attorneys

All our lawyers are fluent in both English, International languages, Thai and are educated in Thailand law as it applies to non-Thais and also International Law Worldwide.

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Our Clients

We seek to have long-term relationships with our clients by providing economical and practical solutions to their legal problems in Thailand.

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We have been providing quality and personable legal services to a mostly foreign clientele in Bangkok, Thailand.

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